4700 15ft QB Ensuite (outdoor kitchen)

Opalite SKOOT 4700 Caravan : Ensuite & Queen Bed

The Opalite 4700 is a 15ft long caravan designed to suit a couple who head off for short trips away who prefer to go out for dinner or use the slide out kitchen when travelling and simply need a comfortable place to sleep and don’t want to have to leave the caravan in the middle of the night for amenities. The shower and toilet facilities along with the washing machine give you a private area to prepare to go out or before turning in after a days adventures. If you need a comfy motel room on wheels then this is the caravan for you.

There’s plenty of room to keep food and drinks cold in the large fridge and the microwave and indoor tap and sink provide everything you need for whipping up hot drinks, snacks and afternoon tea without the need to setup camp or go into town. Whether you are taking a break at a highway rest stop or staying overnight in a caravan park you’ll be happy with the convenience of your Opalite caravan.

Designed for your Australian caravan touring and holidays

4700 ensuite queen

Queen Bed

A luxuriously appointed bedroom which has been designed for practicality and quality. Your island queen bed is hinged with gas struts underneath so that you can easily lift it up and use the extra storage underneath.

Interior design

You have a choice of 4 different fabric style sets for the wall coverings. Custom colour choices are available on request.

Ultra convenience

We’ve designed the bedroom suite to feel spacious and yet have everything close at hand.

  • Radio/CD player
  • Internal speakers
  • Led Lighting Remote Control
  • Lots of storage

Audio and TV

There are twin 6″ speakers mounted in the bulkhead above the queen bed connected to a good quality radio and CD player. A swivel bracket is supplied so that you can fit a TV.

QS Bedroom
Wide Opening Windows

Supportive comfort

You’ll sleep easily on the queen mattress, it’s really comfortable and firm with space on either side of the bed for when you want to get up quickly and easily.

  • Comfortable, supportive, slat base
  • Queen mattress – 1.8m x 1.5m, innerspring with latex pillow top
  • Cushions and cover

Read and relax

Whether you want to stay up for a late night read or have breakfast in bed you will find the queen bed quite comfortable. Your queen bedroom includes:

  • Individual LED reading lights
  • Storage cupboards and drawers
  • Privacy curtains and roller blinds
  • Wide opening windows
  • Flow through ventilation

If you fancy a sleep in then with the curtains and blinds closed you can relax after a busy week.

Ensuite comfort

Everything has been positioned to be within easy reach and to give you a comfortable standing or seated position and open corridor and mirrored surfaces so that you don’t feel like you are stepping into a closet.

Hot water on tap

Water is supplied from twin water tanks and the hot water through a Suburban 240V gas/electric hot water system.

Modern styling

Clean white lines contrasting with dark timber door fronts on aluminium cabinetry makes this bathroom ensuite look classy and sophisticated. You’ve got everything you need at hand to freshen up and feel at your best for the day.

Roomy Ensuite with Washing Machine
Ensuite shower

Ensuite luxury

A superbly appointed, spacious ensuite enabling you to enjoy a lovely shower after a day of travelling or exploring.

Features of your ensuite

  • Vanity – Quality Fittings, Basin and Mirror with lighting
  • Shower Base – Quality Fittings, Large base with Bi-fold doors
  • Large Linen Storage Cupboards
  • Cassette Toilet – Thetford
  • Washing Machine – 2.2kg Lemair Mini Wash Top Load
  • Ensuite Mirrored Door
  • Overhead Storage Cupboards

Tidy interior

Rounding out the interior of your 15ft Opalite caravan are numerous storage drawers and cupboards so you will have plenty of room for all your clothes, food and supplies.

  • Large, accessible cupboards
  • Quick lock cupboard handles
  • Stylish aluminium cabinetry with a choice of 2 door colours
  • Bright white, glossy cupboard interiors
  • Remote Control lighting

Bonus standard features

  • 240V Electric/Gas Hot Water System
  • Smoke Detector
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Indoor Sink
  • Full aluminium cabinetry
Uncluttered Interior
Microwave and Fridge

Your kitchen

Although the kitchen in this model is an outside unit stowed in the front storage tunnel we have thoughtfully placed all the essentials you will need outside of meal times within the caravan for easy access anytime you have parked.


The 168lt fridge which is standard in most models is easily big enough to store your drinks and perishables for the whole family


A generously sized microwave is located conveniently above the fridge shelf.


The slideout aluminium pantry trays are so versatile and deep and wide enough to hold all of your non perishables.

Outdoor kitchen

Gas cooking is great, the heat comes on instantly, you can boil, fry and sear your way to culinary delights. You’ve got all the lifestyle benefits of a bbq without any of the drip trays and grills to clean. Plus there is a microwave in the caravan above the fridge in case you need to reheat or quickly get something organised with minimal fuss.

Full hot and cold water at the sink which links into the main caravan drainage system.

Energy efficient lighting

Led lighting with remote control is standard on all models so you will have lots of light where you need it with minimal power usage. Your outdoor area has LED floodlights which light up the area beside the caravan brilliantly.

Outdoor Kitchen and Accessories
Outdoor Kitchen

Dining and cooking

The slideout kitchen bench with built in stove and sink is perfectly engineered to be quick to setup and yet very stable to work on. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use and that makes preparing meals much easier than jostling at a communal bbq.

  • Slide Out Pantry – Large aluminium trays lockable for travel
  • 168lt Fridge/MW Module – Thetford Single Door Fridge Freezer 3 way
  • Indoor/Outdoor Table & Chairs Set. Beautiful Teak Folding Chairs/600mm Table
  • SlideOut Undercover Outdoor Kitchen
  • Stainless Steel Sink, Full Drainage, Removable Work Bench with Utensil Holder
  • 3 Burner Stove Top inc wok burner with Glass Lid
  • Hot and cold water at your sink
  • Sink drainage links into the main caravan drainage system

Outdoor living

With the awning unfurled and privacy blind extended your caravan provides protection from the rain, heat and wind. With the optional slide-out, outdoor gas cooktop and sink you can enjoy the view that your destination offers rather than being inside while everyone is outside relaxing on warm evenings.

Exterior fixtures and features

  • Lockable water filler
  • Triple lock security door
  • Skylights
  • Mains pressure water inlet
  • LED annexe spot light
  • Grab handle on doorway
  • 240V power outlet

Windows are 3 stage opening double glazed with privacy blind and flyscreen.

Outside living area of the caravan
Tunnel Boot with Slideout Kitchen

Versatile storage

There is a large front boot storage for you to put sports equipment, extra luggage, food supplies and more.

Easy access boot

The front boot swings open upwards so it’s easily accessed and has plenty of space plus there are weather seals on the door to keep the contents dry.

The tunnel boot is where the slide out kitchen is installed which on this model is a standard feature.

Pole carrier

The spare wheel carrier comes standard with a pole carrier that you can use for storing tent poles, fishing rods or other accessories.

Hot and cold running water

The hot water system which is 240V/gas plus we include twin 9kg gas cylinders so that you have plenty of capacity for hot showers, cooking and washing.

Modern gloss finish

Caravan designs are evolving into highly functional, easy to clean, long lasting and hard wearing surfaces of aluminium, composites, alloy and stainless steel. The bright white aluminium paneling gives a smooth gloss finish that will look great for the life of the caravan.

Aluminium composite paneling

ACP (Aluminum composite paneling) provides a tough, smooth exterior. High density closed cell urethane foam insulation panels covered in designer material colours are use to infill between the structural beams of the caravan.

Lights and wiring

All of the lights inside and out are LEDs.

Rear LED Stop Tail Lights
HD Quick Release Drop Downs

Strong and lightweight

The all steel hot dip galvanised chassis is engineered with strength in mind. When coupled with an all aluminium caravan frame of 45x45x3mm and 50x25x3mm ensures it meets the rigours of our road conditions. The engineering of Opalite caravans is above and beyond the typical expectation for a trailer of this size.

Using aluminium composite panels in the construction reduces the weight considerably without reducing the strength. Therefore you may not need the added expense of upgrading your tow vehicle.

TIG welded and bolted

The heavy duty caravan frame is fully TIG welded, powder coated and then bolted to provide that extra durability. The RHS tube is 3mm wall with section sizes of 50x25mm and 45x45mm. Bolts are used instead of rivets for extra strength.

Drop down stabilisers

There are drop down stabilisers on each corner of the caravan for stability.

Running gear

Designed for Australian road conditions and touring so that you can be confident when you leave your driveway and head off on holidays that your caravan will tow reliably.

  • Safety ride 7 leaf springs
  • Tandem axle for easy loading
  • 10″ electric brakes on all four wheels
  • 7pin trailer plug
  • Heavy duty coupling rated to 3.5T
  • Five spoke alloy wheels
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel

Load sharing springs

There is a pivot in the center of the axles so that if there is more weight on the front it will transfer to the back. For example if you roll over a gutter it will take weight on both axles.

Engineered tough for Australia

Black checker-plate on the exterior is a heavy duty 3mm aluminium bolted to the frame on the sides, front and back to protect the caravan from stone chips and scrapes.

Alloy Wheels
Heavy Duty Drawbar

Safe towing

The heavy duty jockey wheel is double bracketed to the trailer frame with an additional full size support section welded to the main trailer beam for maximum strength and stiffness.

  • Heavy duty coupling rated to 3.5T
  • Lockable towing hitch with safety chains
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel
  • A-Frame tap on drawbar
  • Twin 9kg gas cylinders
  • Rear mount alloy spare wheel

Protected water tank

This ensuite model van has twin water tanks that are built into the frame of the caravan with stone guards underneath the caravan to protect it from punctures and rocks.

Our Commitment

We stand firmly behind the build quality and the robust design of our caravans. From decades of experience we have designed and built which we believe is outstanding value for money, strong, reliable and with the form and function that customers ask for.

4700 with Ensuite and Queen Bed Floorplan

4700 ensuite queen floorplan

Solid Entry

The cabin doorway of this caravan is wide and full height, featuring a stainless steel, easy entry grab handle, securely fixed to the frame for safe entry and exit. The entry door is by Aussie Traveller and has a 3 stage locking system and separate screen door.

Entry Steps

The entry steps have been designed to medical safety standards and are heavy duty and wide with non-slip treads. Your safety is very important to us and we have engineered all our vans and fixtures to be tough and reliable.

Other options

You can add a winegard antenna if you want to improve your TV reception and if you want to beat the summer heat ask us about installing an airconditioning unit on the roof on any of our caravan models.

Ask about installing solar panels for your free camping adventures

Would you like to know more?

Contact us to discuss what you need in your next caravan to go on holiday and relax.

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